Become A Part Of My VIP Marketing Support Circle!
In 2018, my own dental practice, LifeSmilesdentalcare, experienced record growth, thanks to the incredible support received from Ekwa Marketing. We achieved this record growth every year while the cost of our marketing remained at just 2% of our annual revenue.
My ambition is for your dental practice to enjoy the same amazing growth as my practice did and I invite you to join my VIP Marketing Support Circle to discover the benefits that myself and my consultation clients have been experiencing with Ekwa.
Let Ekwa’s VIP team map your path to success with a no-cost, no-obligation Marketing Strategy Meeting designed to position your practice for optimal growth. During this Marketing Strategy Meeting, Ekwa’s marketing experts will share a custom analysis of the local market, competition, and your current marketing strategy in order to develop a personalized marketing plan to grow your dental practice. I encourage you to benefit from this amazing opportunity and schedule your FREE Marketing Strategy meeting today.

Our VIP Clients Include

Why Join My VIP Marketing Support Circle?

  • At LifeSmiles, we have the amazing opportunity to use Ekwa’s services for our marketing and I strongly encourage my own coaching clients to do the same. I want you to reap the rewards of Ekwa’s valuable suite of services just as my practice does.
  • It’s simple, everything is done for you, and it works. I found it to be the best marketing method for my practice, with outstanding results.
  • Enjoy the exclusive benefits of working with Ekwa’s dedicated VIP team, who oversee the marketing of my own practice LifeSmiles, as well as those of my clients who utilize Ekwa’s marketing services.
  • As an additional bonus, I have granted permission to Ekwa’s team to use the marketing materials that we use at LifeSmiles, adapted for your practice because I truly want your practice to enjoy the same success that my practice, LifeSmiles, is experiencing.


“What I Absolutely Love About Ekwa Is The Fact That Everything They Do Is Built Around The Foundational Marketing Principles Taught By Dr. Robert Cialdini.”